Never grow up my littlest little

Between football wrapping up, Halloween, and lots of appointments, the past few weeks have been jam packed and the days seem to be over before we know it. We often find ourselves watching them sleep and wondering where the time has gone.

AJ and I both know that some added stresses come with the territory of being parents to little ones, but with our littlest, the tiniest change in schedule or atmosphere seems to throw his demeanor off. He isn’t used to traveling, so I admittedly was nervous about taking a short road trip with him, but he never ceases to amaze me. It turns out that he was probably the best of the three in the car! He’s been my little sidekick the past few days and we have been working hard on using words and enunciation. The small strides he has made are huge and amaze me as his Mama. He doesn’t want help with things and most of all, he didn’t like to be touched. His space is his space. He and I have been practicing hugging and I’ve also been trying to teach him to say “mama’s boy”. Last night, he was fussing after being asleep for a few hours so I brought him in our room and unlike ever before, he put his head down and snuggled until he fell back asleep. I have often said that I feel like we didn’t get enough cuddles when he was first born and then he wanted nothing to do with them. His little eyes closed and as he drifted off, he kept catching himself nodding. As we snuggled, it reminded me of the words to the song by Taylor Swift, “Your little eyelids flutter ’cause you’re dreaming”.

I can’t believe that 19 months have come and gone. I want to freeze this moment and hold on to every last milestone, because he is my last baby. I wish that each of my kids would stop growing and stay little, but I have no control over time and it seems to race forward, much to my dislike. All I can do is cling to each moment and remember that no matter how fast they grow up, I will always be their Mom. This was one of those moments I will hold on to, because not one snuggle can be taken for granted and I wish he would always stay this little.

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