Falling for the table…

I love having gatherings for family and friends. During the holidays, I especially enjoy it and I think that is in part, because I love Christmas so much, but I think the season brings to light what is most important in our lives and that is why I love it so much. I don’t consider myself the least bit “Martha-ish”, but I do have big aspirations…and most of the time my better-half comes through and rescues me from my DIY project disasters!

This year I haven’t been entertaining or hosting gatherings at all. Everything seems to be a last ditch effort to not be tardy. We have been squeezing in the “absolute must haves” in order to check a box for the sake of our three kiddos this year. I did however, fill my favorite wooden crate basket for fall and have added to it as we have gotten closer to Thanksgiving. The berries remind me of the day we said “I do”, which may sound crazy since we got married on a hot day in August! They are however, the same Hypericon berries that were carried throughout the decor of our entire wedding, just in a different shade. Now that I am reflecting on it, maybe that is why I loved our simple wedding arrangements so much… it reminded me of the most wonderful time of the year! I’m not quite ready to start putting up the rest of our Christmas decorations, but this is the stuff that I love and the stuff that makes life so beautiful!

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